• High Reliability, long lifetime, and low wear. The patented, pressure-balanced shaft prevents axial forces from acting on the bearings.
  • High Operational Safety. The shaft and the bearing bushings, mounted from inside, are of blow-out safe design, with no need for external circlips or snap rings.
  • Robust anodized aluminum housings ensure an even expansion under thermal influences.
  • Optimally positioned, graphite-infused, self-lubricating Teflon sliding bands on the piston ensure low friction operation with minimal risk of piston tilt, resulting in low wear.
  • Simple retrofitting of accessories,such as solenoid valves, limit switchand positioners.
  • Compact design allows extensive direct mounting orientations
  • On/off or modulating control operations

REVO Quarter Turn Actuators

REVO® Quarter Turn Actuators provide efficient solutions for plant automation tasks. Our unique design features enable continuous trouble-free operation.