Saunders Diaphragms

Saunders ER Resilience Elastomer Diaphragm

Saunders® elastomer diaphragms consist of a range of proprietary materials specifically developed by Saunders® team of in-house polymer technologists to meet the demands of Life Science applications.

Saunders EX Endurance Diaphragm

Saunders® EX Endurance Diaphragm is a unique material combination which offers outstanding performance in applications exposed to prolonged sterilisation regimes, or higher temperature up to 175°C (347°F).

Saunders PR Pure Resilience PTFE Diaphragm

Saunders® PR Pure Resilience diaphragms are robust two piece leaf type. The design incorporates a virgin PTFE wetted face backed with a fabric reinforced support diaphragm.

Saunders PV Passivation Diaphragm

Saunders® PV Passivation Diaphragm is a dedicated “single use” elastomer diaphragm developed for passivation service of stainless steel Biopharm systems. The design is manufactured from FDA/USP compliant elastomer and is supplied with bayonet attachment for interchangeability with Saunders® PTFE/TFM range.

Saunders SR Steam Resilience TFM Diaphragm

SaAUNDERS Life Science Modified PTFE (TFM) diaphragms are robust two-piece leaf types. The design incorporates a TFM wetted face backed with a fabric reinforced support diaphragm.

Saunders HC4 Actuators

Saunders S360

The Saunders® S360 piston actuator permits remote operation of the valve, either as an alternative to manual operation or as an integral part of a control system. The S360 is a compact, lightweight, piston-type pneumatic actuator which has been developed to deliver superior performance for sterile BioPharm applications.

Sounders HC4 Bodies

Saunders Multi-

Saunders® standard Multi Weir Diverters offer a compact, high integrity machined block solution compared with traditional fabricated 2-Way valves clusters, and play a valuable role in achieving optimum process design with reduced internal wetted area.

Saunders Serial

Saunders® Serial Weir design typically incorporates a common chamber shared by two weirs or operating points. The Tandem valve (Sterile Access Valve) is the most common design variation and is available in machined block or fabrication welded orientation to suit customer specification.

Saunders Standard Machined Block

Saunders® range of standard machined block bodies incorporates Zero Deadleg T pattern and U Bend (Point of Use) body variations to provide high integrity branch or sample points from high purity water loops. The design optimizes drain ability, eliminates dead-leg or hold-up volume, and is available with additional back sample weirs to comply with customer specifications.

Saunders Tank Outlet

SAUNDERS® Tank Outlet valve incorporates the performance and features of a diaphragm valve into a Machined Block tank outlet design and is designed for use at the bottom of a tank or vessel to drain or sample. The design enhances structural integrity, minimizes dead-leg, and reduces the potential for contamination.

Saunders HC4 Manual Bonnets

Saunders PARA Manual Bonnet

Saunders® PARA (Polyaryl Amide) Manual Bonnet assembly provides a clean OD profile and a clear visual indication of valve position.

Saunders PES Manual

Saunders® PES manual bonnet is manufactured from high-performance Polyether Sulphone and is available with a range of modular accessory options to suit process needs.

Saunders Pure Performance (Bioseal) Manual Bonnet

Saunders® Pure Performance (Bioseal) Manual Bonnet is a compact, ergonomic design manufactured specifically for DN8 (0.25”) size body construction.

Saunders Stainless Steel Non-Sealed Manual Bonnet

Saunders® Stainless Steel Non-Sealed Manual Bonnet is constructed from FDA conforming materials and offers the best possible levels of security, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Saunders Stainless Steel Sealed Bonnet

Saunders® Stainless Steel Sealed Bonnet is supplied in an all stainless steel construction with a double O-Ring seal, to prevent internal ingress and remove the possibility of external migration.