Thermodynamic Steam Trap FMTD

Forbes Marshall Thermodynamic steam traps are the most widely used and best suited for mainline trapping applications. They ensure quick condensate removal and keep a check on water hammers and other condensate-related issues. Their compact size ensures that radiation losses taking place through the trap body are minimized. They are robust, efficient, and maintenance-free. The only moving part in the trap is a disc.


  • Available in a wide range of sizes and end connections for installation flexibility.
  • Available with anti-air binding disc on demand.
  • Available for all pressure range.
  • The Seat of the trap is hardened by Induction Hardening Process for uniform hardness that ensures the longer service life.


  • Ensures quick removal of condensate thereby reducing the chance of water hammer in the system
  • Handles large amount of condensate with compact design which minimizes the radiation loss across the surface area of trap

Compact Module Thermodynamic Trap CMTD

The Forbes Marshall compact module is formed by connecting the universal connector thermodynamic steam trap to a pipeline connector. As the name suggests, the module is compact thereby offering ease of installation and operation. Conventional modules, on the other hand, take a long time for installation due to multiple components and welds and are often difficult to maintain.


  • Single permanent in-line component for ease of specification and installation.
  • Only 2 welds to install inline.
  • Forged carbon steel construction for long life.
  • Time to install – less than 45 mins.
  • Installable in any angular direction without any change in trap position.


  • Heat emission is low – less surface area
  • Weight reduced to only 4 kg
  • Overall length reduced to 160mm
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional trapping stations – plant can be kept alive while the trap is replaced. No need to remove anything except the trap for maintenance
  • Zero valve leakage – due to piston valve technology

Forbes Marshall Bucket Trap FMBT

Forbes Marshall Bucket Traps are an ideal solution for high-pressure condensate recovery. It is designed to fit into horizontal pipelines. It is maintainable in line and is complete with an integral strainer screen.


  • Resistance to water hammer
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications


  • High-pressure condensate recovery.

Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap FMLDT

The Forbes Marshall Liquid Drain Trap is a condensate drain trap ideal for removing condensate from pressurized gas and compressed air systems. The trap body is pressure balanced with the system of the main media through the balancing connection on top of the trap body. This ensures the media (Compressed air or gas) is locked in the trap body.


  • Leakproof operation
  • Can be repaired online after proper separation
  • Robust and reliable


  • Discharges condensate as soon as it is formed.
  • Can handle large quantities of condensate.
  • Avoids corrosion of compressed air lines and consumers.

Bimetallic Thermostatic Steam Trap FMBM

The Forbes Marshall Bimetallic Steam Trap is a thermostatic trap designed to drain high pressure and high-temperature steam lines. These traps are equipped with a reinforced stainless steel insert within the body for protection against erosion/corrosion. They have a check valve, a built-in strainer screen, and an external adjustment screw for adjusting the discharge temperature of the condensate.
Forbes Marshall Bimetallic Traps are robust and operate efficiently

Tracer Line Trap FMTLT

Instrument tracer line traps are high-quality balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps designed and manufactured by Forbes Marshall. These traps are ideal tracing applications where it is beneficial to use sensible heat from the condensate before it is discharged.
Tracer line traps have a thermostatic capsule which contracts and allows condensate to be discharged only when it is cooled below the predefined temperature.

Clean Steam Trap CST

The Forbes Marshall Clean Steam Trap, CST, is a thermostatic balanced pressure steam trap designed to remove condensate from clean and pure steam system applications. Manufactured in 316L stainless steel with a crevice-free body, it is self-draining and operates close to steam temperature. The range includes units that minimize condensate backup for critical and high-flow applications in Clean-in-Place (CIP) / Sterilization-in-Place (SIP) processes.


  • The CST is available with end connections as per ISO2852 or ASME BPE standards.
  • All wetted parts of this trap are constructed from FDA/3-A approved materials.

Single Orifice Float Trap SOFT™

Forbes Marshall Single Orifice Float Trap is a single orifice condensate drain trap and the first choice for process applications. The compact construction of these float traps combined with high discharge capacity ensures maximum heat transfer.  Its unique features include a self-aligning main valve, water-hammer-proof float assembly, and an integral, corrosion-resistant air vent. All these along with the option of a steam lock release (SLR) mechanism make the Forbes Marshall single orifice float trap the most preferred ball float trap in the process industry.


  • Effective condensate drainage
  • No steam loss in normal working conditions means a reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • Erosion and impact resistance: Erosion deflectors with simplified flow paths make the trap erosion and impact resistant.


  • The integral air vent quickly vents out the trapped air, reducing the start-up time and increasing the plant productivity. Also available with steam lock release provision to remove the locked steam when a trap is installed at a distance from the process equipment
  • The self-aligning valve and water seal ensure that there is no live steam loss. Robust design for longer life, low maintenance, and high availability.
  • A modulating valve orifice mechanism provides complete and immediate condensate removal under varying load conditions.
  • Lipless float construction and smooth flow paths improve resistance to water hammer and erosion

Steam Operated Pump Trap SOPT

The Forbes Marshall Steam Operated Pump Trap is an innovative product capable of working in either trapping or pumping modes automatically, depending on the process conditions. It operates on steam and is used for condensate evacuation under all operating conditions, including vacuum/stall thereby enabling high system uptime and enhanced productivity.


  • Two orifice mechanism for handling condensate evacuation under peak and low running loads (patent applied)
  • Enhanced discharge capacity
  • Robust and compact construction
  • Built-in check valve
  • Available as a skid-mounted unit.


  • Improved batch time and productivity by keeping the process stall-free
  • The stall-free process enables maintaining of temperature gradients and product quality.
  • No opening of trap bypass valve during a stall, resulting in steam and condensate savings.
  • Improved equipment uptime.

Compact Module Two Orifice Float Trap CMTOFT

The Forbes Marshall Two Orifice Float Trap (Patented) is designed to handle high discharge capacity at startup and peak condensate loads. Its unique two orifice design ensures adequate and efficient condensate discharge during continuous operations. It offers high turndown for varying loads.


  • Two orifices operated by a single float and lever mechanism
  • Inbuilt air vent and steam lock release provision
  • Compact design with inbuilt strainer, non-return valve, inlet, outlet, and bypass valves.
  • Piston valves* ensure zero inline loss and no loss from the gland
  • Ease of Installation.


  • Improved batch times and productivity at start-up and varying load
  • Reliable performance guarantees improved uptime
  • Steam saving of 3 – 4 % by ensuring no bypass opening at start-up
  • Effective condensate removal enables maintaining gradients and product quality
  • Ease of online and inline maintenance